Chocolate Covered Oreos

These tasty treats turned out better than expected! Once I got the hang of making them down to a science, I ended up making two boxes of Oreos! They are so easy to make, kid friendly, and look amazing wrapped in this gold and silver paper! I made them for Thanksgiving but I think I am going to have to recreate them for Christmas! Everyone’s favorite were the Peanut Butter Chocolate covered Oreos.

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Gadget Girl Gift Guide

Gadget Girl

Updates in technology is endless these days. Not only do you have to keep up with all of the apps and updates but in my opinion I like all of my electronics to look chic as well. Here is a list of my favorite electronics. From the toasters to alarm clocks, they come in both marble and copper! Win win!

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The Traveler Gift Guide

The Traveler

Travel light and in style with my Holiday Travel Guide. I used to be the WORST packer, ahem… I am trying to do better. Continue reading “The Traveler Gift Guide”

The Hostess Holiday Gift Guide

The Hostess

You can never go wrong with bringing an amazing hostess gift. Whether it is for a Holiday Party, special occasion or just because, this gift guide will make anyone feel special. A bottle of wine is always an easy go to but why not switch it up. Continue reading “The Hostess Holiday Gift Guide”