$20 Bikini Finds

Who is ready for summer?! I sure am! Today was a tease, it was about 90 degrees here in South Jersey and I just got back from a trip down to Florida so I am ready for some constant beach weather. As you know I am addicted to Amazon lately because, why not? You can find the best deals on even clothing now! I purchased a bikini on Amazon right before my trip to Florida and I fell in love with it! Continue reading “$20 Bikini Finds”

Vintage Finds in Leesburg, VA

As I have been watching the recent season of HGTV’s Fixer Upper (I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Chip and Joanna) I have been even more inspired to take a weekend road trip to the country and get some vintage and DIY inspiration. Also, a few new photos of the countryside to add to my iCloud always makes me happy 🙂 Continue reading “Vintage Finds in Leesburg, VA”

What I Call Home

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DSC_0167The beach is such a wonderful place to unwind and clear your head. I had the opportunity of growing up here. I never realized how much I took it for granted until I moved away from home. I love walking down by the water, and enjoying the peace and quiet during “off season”. I can’t tell you how many people throughout my life have asked me “What were the winters like growing up at the beach?” Well, here is a glimpse of it in January. It is so serene and peaceful… I am lucky to call it home! ❤ Ocean City ❤