Spring Refresh

Snow, Sunshine and Showers. Spring weather in NJ is always inconsistent. It is finally starting to almost get to constant flip flop weather… my favorite!! Time for some Spring Cleaning! Here are a few of my Spring Refresh routines to get me in gear for Spring and Summer.

Change The Sheets: Give your bed a fresh and breezy refresh! I love all white bedding and a light down comforter for sunny days and cool nights.


Switch Out Your Closets: Not only does it feel like I have a whole new wardrobe when I do this but it also keeps my closet and drawers from overflowing every season. It is the worst when you can’t sift through your clothes because everything is jam packed. (I also like to categorize and color coordinate, I guess you would say I am sometimes type A ; ) )

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.09.33 PM.png

Pot Those Fresh Herbs: I have tried large gardens and plants from seeds and I never have the time to keep up with it.. plus it can become costly. I love cooking with herbs as well as putting them in my water with fresh fruit or cucumber to cut back on calories and help me stay hydrated. I have terra-cotta pots that I use every year to put potted organic herbs in. I wrote the names of each herb on them with a white chalk marker so I can reuse them and know what they are. It also spices up the look of the clay container.


Stock the Freezer: I like to stock my freezer with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the season. This way I can eat local and always have something to whip up when I have company or go to a last minute BBQ. One of my favorites is my fresh sangria (which I use fresh frozen fruit for). I also use frozen fruits and vegetables for smoothies and juicing.



 Create an Outdoor Space: I love this time of year when you can sit outside for your morning coffee, catch a few rays during the day or sit next to a fire on a cool night. Cleaning and setting up a small area for you to enjoy the outdoors is important. I love eating outside with friends and family over a good meal cooked on the grill!


Add Fresh Flowers: You don’t have to buy a $20 bouquet at the grocery store that will most likely not last a week. Fresh flowers from your yard are simple and whimsical. I like to add them in small doses all over the house. (Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, workspace ect.)



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Pretzel Making Kit

I love giving gifts that people can use over and over again. I made a giveaway basket for a fundraiser not too long ago. I wanted to relate the basket to my blog and my overall brand. I had a hard time figuring out what to give out. I realized I should do what I love and assemble a craft the winner can make themselves at home. Almost everyone loves to DIY but not everyone knows where to start. I created an all in one package. A gift, craft, dessert all packed in resusable storage containers. This was also a way to direct the winner to visit my blog and social media accounts. Instead of including directions with the items, I directed them to my blog post to follow the directions online. HERE or HERE

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Champagne Showers


Glitter and Champagne… I am IN! I helped my dear friend put together some favors for her friend’s bridal shower last week. This is an easy DIY project that every girl will love! Bubbles and glitter, need I say more? Continue reading “Champagne Showers”

Birthday Cake Shots

Watermarked Photo 43 (2016-02-14-1713)

It is the year of the 30’s for most of my friends and I. For my girlfriends birthday back in February I made these really fun Birthday cake shots! They are colorful, easy and taste like cake! You can see the rest of the details of her birthday in my post here.

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