Pretzel Making Kit

I love giving gifts that people can use over and over again. I made a giveaway basket for a fundraiser not too long ago. I wanted to relate the basket to my blog and my overall brand. I had a hard time figuring out what to give out. I realized I should do what I love and assemble a craft the winner can make themselves at home. Almost everyone loves to DIY but not everyone knows where to start. I created an all in one package. A gift, craft, dessert all packed in resusable storage containers. This was also a way to direct the winner to visit my blog and social media accounts. Instead of including directions with the items, I directed them to my blog post to follow the directions online. HERE or HERE

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Cucumber Bites

Cucumber Bites are such an amazing snack! I am a night owl and as much as I try not to eat late at night, some nights it is inevitable. I have come to LOVE this easy and low calorie snack! Only two ingredients needed! Thats right… TWO!

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