Chocolate Pretzel Rods Made With Love

Watermarked Photo 93 (2016-02-14-1716)

If you follow my instagram @lauren_noshonposh you already know my love for chocolate covered pretzels! Surprisingly, I enjoy making them more than I do eating them. Of course they are delicious. I mean who are we kidding, it is the perfect combination of sweet and salty! Continue reading “Chocolate Pretzel Rods Made With Love”

Chocolate Covered Oreos

These tasty treats turned out better than expected! Once I got the hang of making them down to a science, I ended up making two boxes of Oreos! They are so easy to make, kid friendly, and look amazing wrapped in this gold and silver paper! I made them for Thanksgiving but I think I am going to have to recreate them for Christmas! Everyone’s favorite were the Peanut Butter Chocolate covered Oreos.

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Four Years of Turkey

Christmas used to be the biggest Holiday in my family. Over the past few years, that has changed to Thanksgiving. It has become a tradition to hold this Holiday at my parents home every year. Every year our group of family and friends has also grown. This year we are at a current head count of 25, our biggest yet!

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Bloody Mary Bar

With Thanksgiving coming up (now my favorite Holiday of the year), I would love to share with you a new tradition added to our Thanksgiving Day Festivities. My homemade Bloody Mary Bar! Continue reading “Bloody Mary Bar”