$20 Bikini Finds

Who is ready for summer?! I sure am! Today was a tease, it was about 90 degrees here in South Jersey and I just got back from a trip down to Florida so I am ready for some constant beach weather. As you know I am addicted to Amazon lately because, why not? You can find the best deals on even clothing now! I purchased a bikini on Amazon right before my trip to Florida and I fell in love with it! Continue reading “$20 Bikini Finds”

Top 10 IKEA Must Haves Under $5

I do not frequent IKEA as much as I did when I lived in the city which is definitely a good thing for my wallet. Back in my college days, however, I would go on the weekends with friends to walk around and fantasize over all of the beautiful things I wanted to purchase and decorate my home with.

Continue reading “Top 10 IKEA Must Haves Under $5”