Champagne Showers


Glitter and Champagne… I am IN! I helped my dear friend put together some favors for her friend’s bridal shower last week. This is an easy DIY project that every girl will love! Bubbles and glitter, need I say more? Continue reading “Champagne Showers”

Birthday Cake Shots

Watermarked Photo 43 (2016-02-14-1713)

It is the year of the 30’s for most of my friends and I. For my girlfriends birthday back in February I made these really fun Birthday cake shots! They are colorful, easy and taste like cake! You can see the rest of the details of her birthday in my post here.

Continue reading “Birthday Cake Shots”

Emily’s 30th Birthday Celebration

Em's 30th Collage

It is the year of the 30th for my friends and myself. The first party of the year was for my dear friend Emily. I decided as my gift to her I would be in charge of all of the desserts and decor. Naturally, it was what I enjoyed doing and I wanted to throw her a party to remember! Continue reading “Emily’s 30th Birthday Celebration”