Cork Pumpkins

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love almost every season which is why I would have trouble leaving the North East. However, Fall is the perfect in-between of summer and winter. Not to mention, its my favorite season for fashion.




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I recently made these cute little cork pumpkins to celebrate the change of season. After I had posted it onto instagram and received so much positive feedback. I knew I had to get back to NoshOnPosh!

These are so easy and budget friendly today make, and perfect for gifts.

What you will need:

Small Pumpkin (20 corks)

Medium Pumpkin (38 corks)

Large Pumpkin (49 corks)

2 Pipe Cleaners for each pumpkin (I used brown, orange, and green)

-Start by gathering various corks, I feel the ones with more age and character, look better. My family has been saving wine corks for years in an apothecary jar. It has become a tradition that when we open up a bottle of wine when the family is all together or on a special occasion we label and date the cork for memories. However, I did not use any of the corks that were written on for this project.

-Begin with the bottom row. Using a hot glue gun, glue the long sides of the corks together and place on a flat surface to dry. Once the three are faceted, you can start the next layer. I have found it is easier to glue on each cork by itself rather that make preset rows and then attach. This is because each cork varies in size and shape and you do not want the gaps in between each cork to be too large.

-Essentially you are creating a hexagon.

-For the vines, I curled a pip cleaner around a pen/pencial to create the spiral. I attached it to the top of the pumpkin under where I am going to place the cork “stem”.

-For the stem I trimmed down a cork by cutting it on an angle with a bread knife. Do not cut the cork in half, it will be too small, just take about 1/4 to 1/3 off of it. Cutting on an angle helps it to adhere better.

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