Chocolate Pretzel Rods Made With Love

Watermarked Photo 93 (2016-02-14-1716)

If you follow my instagram @lauren_noshonposh you already know my love for chocolate covered pretzels! Surprisingly, I enjoy making them more than I do eating them. Of course they are delicious. I mean who are we kidding, it is the perfect combination of sweet and salty! These have become my staple for every holiday and occasion and really, just because. I started making them years ago and I have perfected the steps over time. I own a bunch of the chocolate molds here but I prefer to just make them on my own with chocolate and sprinkles. The models are more of a hassle and you can only make a few at a time.

For those of you who know me you basically know if it is your birthday you will get chocolate pretzels. When it is holiday season, you will get them. Heck, if I love you you will get them! Oh boy… I am going to have to start making more ASAP!

I almost always have these ingredients on hand. Sprinkles don’t really go bad so thats a no brainer. Whenever they are on sale I stock up! I found most of these awesome Valentine’s Day ones in the Dollar Spot section of Target and I am mad I didn’t get more. I pretty much used them all up already! I try and get the pretzels on sale but that doesn’t always happen. As far as the chocolate goes, the trick is not to purchase it too far ahead of time or use old chocolate. I find it doesn’t melt as well if it has been sitting in my pantry.

About the chocolate: My favorite chocolate is the Wilton Candy Melts which I usually purchase at Michaels. AC Moore, Target, Jo-Ann Fabric and Walmart now sell them as well. I try to get them on sale and use a Michael’s coupon. They always have fun colors for different holidays and now they have flavored ones. I prefer the vanilla flavor. The bright pink I used was in stores for Valentine’s Day and I absolutely LOVE it!  I use the peanut butter flavor as well but more so when I dip Oreos. You can see my Oreo blog post here

Watermarked Photo 91 (2016-02-14-1716)

How to perfectly melt the chocolate: I have found the PERFECT chocolate melting mug and I am bummed I didn’t purchase 2. It was a random Homegoods purchase a year or so ago. You basically want to use a taller and narrow mug if you have one so you can dip the entire rod. Make sure if it is a travel mug it can go in the microwave.

Pour entire bag of Candy Melts into tall mug (preferably with handle). Melt in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring EVERY time to keep it from burning. See photos below for 30 second interval consistency.

  • 30 seconds… STIR
  • After 1 minute… STIR
  • After 1 minute and 30 seconds… STIR

2 minutes TOPS will do it. Do NOT overcook it, it will burn and harden and you will have to start from square one. It should be nice and “drippy” when it is at the perfect consistency. You can add a tablespoon of canola or vegetable oil to the chocolate which helps for shine.Watermarked Photo 100 (2016-02-14-1716)

Watermarked Photo 99 (2016-02-14-1716)Watermarked Photo 103 (2016-02-14-1716)Watermarked Photo 104 (2016-02-14-1716)Watermarked Photo 105 (2016-02-14-1716)

Dipping Time!  Turn the mug on an angle and dip the rod in and twirl so all sides are evenly coated in chocolate. Gently tap the pretzel along the side the mug to get off the excess chocolate. Place on baking sheet lined with parchment or wax paper.


Sprinkle Time! I prefer to sprinkle my pretzels with my hands rather than dunk the pretzel in a bowl of jimmies. It is just easier to me and I don’t waste as many sprinkles.

Watermarked Photo 96 (2016-02-14-1716)Watermarked Photo 97 (2016-02-14-1716)Watermarked Photo 98 (2016-02-14-1716)

Watermarked Photo 112 (2016-02-14-1717)Let pretzels dry for about 20 minutes and then they are ready to go! Or eat 😉

When giving pretzels as favors at a party or gathering I usually pack them in individual clear bags or display them all in a jar and let everyone take their own home. Recently I purchased this really cute box from Homegoods, laid some tissue paper inside and filled it with pretzels. It was a great way to bring dessert to a party and then the host aka birthday girl had a keepsake. I now need to stock up on these boxes when I see them.

I would love to see your chocolate pretzels!

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