The Traveler Gift Guide

The Traveler

Travel light and in style with my Holiday Travel Guide. I used to be the WORST packer, ahem… I am trying to do better. Make a list, lay out your items ahead of time and take a second, or third look at them. Do you really need everything? Can you buy something when you get there if you need it? Can you do laundry? If you don’t use/wear it at home on a daily basis, chances are you are not going to use it while you are on vacation. The simpler, the better. Pack multifunctional items.

A cute/comfy pair of sneakers is always key.

Rimowa lightweight bag

The lighter the better… every pound matters.

Backpack’s are back in style and are easy to carry your everyday items for traveling. Use it as a diaper bag, to store your camera or iPad.

A timeless leather bag is key in every closet. This one is Faux Leather but I love the size and shape!

Rose gold jewellery

I am obsessed with my cluse watch! It is lightweight and the grey band matches with any outfit. I can dress it up or down. Cluse offers a wide variety of colored bands and each style can be accented in silver, rose gold or gold!

Cap hat

I purchased this hat on Amazon a few years back. It is sure cute. The color goes with just about anything and it has not lost its shape.Bonus!

An inexpensive pair of sunnies is always key. You don’t want to loose a good pair if you are going somewhere adventurous.

Striped shawl

I love this Lululemon scarf. It is one of my favorite go to’s. You can wear it as a scarf, shaw, vest or event as a coverup on the plane or car if you get chilly.

This color palate is good for both day and night. I have a few sets of the Urban Decay eyeshadows and it isn’t the cheapest makeup but it stays on forever with a primer and lasts long as well. It is worth every penny.

Organization and compact is key.

Tom ford nail polish

You never know when you are going to need a touch up!

Block out those sounds when you are on the airplane or even when you are sharing a room or bed with someone and want to play on your phone/iPad.

You can never have enough juice! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite things, hopefully you will get to travel somewhere soon! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Holiday Gift Guide!
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