Glowga Party!

Who doesn’t love a good party? Better yet, one that glows in the dark! I am a yoga instructor and mainly teach kids yoga. I love how I can use my creativity and incorporate it into playful yoga classes. Yoga helps me stay on track both physically and mentally and I love bringing these tools to children at a young age. 

This past weekend my coworker and I threw a Glow In The Dark (Glowga) Party for a darling seven year old, Olivia. I don’t know who had more fun, the kids or adults!


We had all of the girls decorate themselves with glow in the dark paint and glow sticks in the hallway when they first arrived. They were asked to wear white and bright colors which really makes a difference under the light.

The kids would have been painted their bodies from head to toe if we let them. We had to take the tube of paint away because they were getting a little carried away. haha

They walked into the room and we immediately started a dance party to get them warmed up. Glow sticks were laid out all over the floor plus the glow in the dark balloons really added to the room, and the kids loved playing with them!

After an hour of dancing, a yoga session and hula hoop games we settled them down a bit to eat pizza. Pizza was followed by cake and of course lots of sugary treats! Olivia’s mom did an amazing job making all of the treats and goodie bags for the kids.

My favorite were the bubble gum necklaces!

The cake was from a local bakery and the cupcakes had rainbow icing! What a girls dream!

After cake we took some group photos and let the girls dance the night away!


We gave Olivia her own mat to take home and the guests went home glowing with goodies!



I can’t wait to throw our next party!!

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