Periscope and its Perks

I have been on periscope for a few months now. It is mind-blowing! I have met friends, created contacts and learned so much valuable information about life, social media and blogging. I would like to share some of the wonderful tips I have learned from some of my scope peeps!


My personal thoughts and take aways:

  1. If you don’t have it, download it ASAP even if you don’t plan on making a video, it is better than watching tv or Netflix for that matter.
  2. You will find the most inspiring people from around the world on here… LIVE.
  3. It is a great way to interact with alike entrepreneurs.
  4. Scope when you feel inspired even if you can only hop on for one minute.
  5. Save your scopes by #save in your title or turn it on in settings.
  6. Choose a creative title when you play your broadcasts.
  7. Share scopes you love with your friends and followers by swiping right and hitting the share button.
  8. Acknowledge people that are arriving into the scope and ask your viewers questions!
  9. Be yourself, tell viewers about yourself, ask for hearts and feedback.
  10. It helps to have a few notes or an outline to help yourself stay on track of a topic or for reference when your viewers are interacting less.

What I have learned from following others:

  1. Be true to yourself and your brand.
  2. Ignore the Todd’s! Todd is a name made up for all of the creeps on Periscope. You will frequently hear scopers saying “BYE TODD” lol
  3. Be social. Interact with your followers and people you follow.
  4. Be careful how much you share, you are still on the internet. Exact location, your children, the outside of your home etc.
  5. Team up with your friends and people who inspire you to share content.
  6. You can save your videos and upload them to your  YouTube channel.
  7. Do not drown your instagram feed with posts that are irrelevant to your brand. Even if they offer you a substational amount of money.
  8. Do not minimize your worth. Blogging, photographing and creating content take time. Charge for your time and skills.
  9. Do Facebook live and periscope at the same time. They are both new so grow both of them together.
  10. Treat periscope like a conversation!

Perisciope is not just for bloggers. It is also a great tool for business owners to promote their company or just to interact with alike people all over the world. I urge you to check it out! Feel free to email me with any questions! I hope to see you on scope soon!

Follow along @NoshOnPosh

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