Pretzel Making Kit

I love giving gifts that people can use over and over again. I made a giveaway basket for a fundraiser not too long ago. I wanted to relate the basket to my blog and my overall brand. I had a hard time figuring out what to give out. I realized I should do what I love and assemble a craft the winner can make themselves at home. Almost everyone loves to DIY but not everyone knows where to start. I created an all in one package. A gift, craft, dessert all packed in resusable storage containers. This was also a way to direct the winner to visit my blog and social media accounts. Instead of including directions with the items, I directed them to my blog post to follow the directions online. HERE or HERE

 IMG_4670I love these cute little jelly jars I found to store sprinkles in. IMG_4669I printed my logo on these small avery stickers to put on the top of the jars.IMG_4748
All of the items included to make your own chocolate covered pretzels at home fit perfectly in this large glass mason jar. It helped that it had a wide mouth opening on the top to get all of the items inside.IMG_4747I made a recipe card that included the ingredients.IMG_4749
The winner was able to bring everything home in one reusable jar. It was also good exposure for my brand and set myself apart from all of the other raffles. I can’t wait to make more gifts like this in the future. The possibilities for filling jars are endless!
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