Champagne Showers


Glitter and Champagne… I am IN! I helped my dear friend put together some favors for her friend’s bridal shower last week. This is an easy DIY project that every girl will love! Bubbles and glitter, need I say more?

We started by glittering the champagne glasses which you can purchase anywhere.

Glitter Champagne Glasses

You will need:

  • Champagne flutes – here
  • Gold Glitter – here
  • Paint brush or foam brush – here
  • light pink paint (preferably glass paint) – here
  • spray glue adhesive – here
  • spray clear sealant – here
  • latex gloves (optional)
  • disposable workspace (cardboard, poster board etc.)

*Note: these glasses are hand wash only, even with the spray clear sealant.

Keep in mind this can get a little messy (due to the glitter) and sticky (due to the spray adhesive). Be sure to use a workspace that is disposable.

Start by painting the base of the stem, bottom of the glass and halfway up the stem with light pink paint. At first I taped the stem so the lines were even but then found that it looked better organically done. Set the glasses upside down to let the paint dry. Be sure to paint the bottom because it looks really cute when you turn them over and some people store their glasses that way.

Once the paint is dry, spray the stem and base with the spray glue adhesive. This stuff is very sticky if you haven’t used it before so beware. Right away shake the gold glitter over the sprayed area. Be sure to completely coat unless you want the pink paint to shine through.

Wait a few minutes for the glue coated in glitter to dry and then coat 1-2 times with the spray clear sealant.


Repeat the same steps as above for flower vases used for the centerpieces. 


Mini Champagne Bottle and Label

I made custom labels for each of the champagne bottles to match the invitation and theme. I customized them using Avery Design & Print. The labels I used were 2 x 3in laser print address labels found here. They covered most of the bottle and the permanent label.


You can create your design in the Avery program or upload your own design.


Top the mini bottles off with a paper straw tied with some ribbon or tule.


Cheers and I hope your enjoy!

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