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Aren’t you always trying to organize your life? It is much easier for me to get work done when things are in order, which is a constant chore. Sometimes you have to just get messy. As you all know I am in love with everything gold! These are a handful of my top must-have items for my office. I own almost all of them and what I do not own is currently pending in my Amazon Prime cart hahah.

Nate Berkus™ Gold Clipboard That’s right, clipboards are back! I love my clipboard. I am a list maker and I make them daily. I also am really into printable ebooks and I like to keep the current ones I am reading on my clipboard. It is an easy way to highlight and make notes as I read.

Gold Border Circle Stickers These stickers are my jam! I just purchased a bunch of branded items from VistaPrint. They have great customer service, tons of coupons and their items ship fairly quickly. I am using my NoshOnPosh stickers on everything!

Reversible Vegan Leather Tote Bag  I absolutely LOVE this reversible leather bag. I use it to transport my laptop, planner, notebook and for travel. Added bonus with it being reversible. I actually got mine on sale at Urban and it is two shades of brown but I am loving this pink/brown one.

Kate Spade Gold Foil Dots File Folders / Kate Spade Gold Stripe File Folders File folders are a must to keep myself in order. I fill them with bills, recipes, inspirational items etc. Having them all uniform in color makes them look more organized when I have them spread out on my desk.

Fatima Dress Making Scissors (Gold) There are many brands and types of gold handled scissors. Be sure to keep your paper and fabric ones separate. It makes a huge difference and easily dulls the blade. You don’t have to go crazy when buying a good pair of scissors, the prices can vary from $10-$50. I would say you can get a decent pair for around $20. If you take care of them and use them for the proper purpose, they will last forever.

Kate Spade Thank You Card Set These are currently pending for purchase. I have a drawer of blank cards I keep on hand for holidays and events. I love picking up cards along the way when I am at different stores and card shops. It makes it easier when I need a last minute gift and I don’t have to spend an extra $5 on a Hallmark card. These Thank You’s will definitely come in handy. There is something special about a hand written note.

Gold Mini Soft Cover Notebooks, Set of 3 I recently purchased these cute little notebooks at staples and use them for everything! Random quotes I want to remember, to do lists, shopping lists, goals etc. The pack I purchased has a gold, silver and rose gold in the pack so I keep the books color coded for different uses. They are light and tiny so I can carry them everywhere in my purse.

Black and White Postcard Another new item for NoshOnPosh. I ordered these on Vista Print as well and love the way they turned out! I wanted a card for advertisement on what I do, to mail as a postcard or thank you and to use when I give items/presents to others. I originally ordered them to display at events I am currently working on.

KNODD -Bin with lid, white This bin with lid from IKEA is perfect for me to use as a trash bin and also keeps my dog out of it. She is a tissue lover, odd right. I love the vintage look of it and the price tag is unbeatable. They also make a large size. You can even use them for storage, multipurpose!

Kantek Acrylic Tape Dispenser, Clear This is currently in my Amazon cart. I don’t use tape that often but when I need it, I can never find some. I love this acrylic holder and the price is even better!

Gold Card Case might be one of my favorite items! I actually went back to Staples to purchase a few more in case they discontinued them. I use them for my credit cards as well as business cards. They have a magnetic close and I put one of my NoshOnPosh smaller stickers on one so I can tell my credit card holder apart from my business cards. It is also a great form of advertisement since I frequently get comments about it when I pull it out of my purse.

White Signature Ballpoint Pens, Set of 12 I have been eying these up for a while. They will be my next purchase. I am in love with the Poppin line!

Nate Berkus™ Limited Edition Swingline 747 Stapler Talk about a heavy duty stapler. This sucker is serious. My girlfriend has one in her office and it makes a great statement on her desk. I actually use a stapler more than I thought I would so why not make it cute.

Check out more behind the scenes of my products and workspace on my instagram!


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