DIY Gold Jewelry Hanger

I am a visual person and for the most part if I don’t see it out it doesn’t get as much use. Unfortunately, this can create clutter problems. It may also may be why I rearrange ALL of the time. I try to keep things organized but life always gets in the way at some point.

Anyway, after my great grandmother and years later my grandmother passed I inherited a lot of jewelry. Most of it was costume but others not. I wanted a place to display everything because I always wore and still do wear a lot of gems!

These Jewelry Hangers have gotten quite a lot of use throughout the years. I originally made them back in grade school when I had some of my girlfriends over and we wanted a craft night. I purchased these wood planks and painted them. As you can see I was testing out my artistic ability, haha. Lots of bright colors, shapes and designs. This was the perfect solution to house my jewels. So my girlfriends and I painted the planks and my dad drilled holes for the hooks. I screwed in the gold hooks and they got mounted on the wall. Years later I painted them white which I don’t have a photo of. More recently, as most of you know from previous posts and my instagram I love GOLD and so it was only suitable to repaint them gold for the light pink walls that they now live on.

Jewelry Before and After for site


Watermarked Photo 73 (2016-02-16-1402)

I used THIS paint. I had to remove the hooks in order to spray paint. Once the paint dried I reinstalled the hooks and mounted the boards back onto the wall.

Jewelry Close Up

The jewelry went back into its place as well.

Hooks close upJewels

Here is the final product and I love the way they came out! If you are interested in having a set of your own please message me. They will be going up on my Etsy store soon!

Room View

Tag me on Insta with your favorite jewelry racks and gems!


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