Warm Lemon Water for Coffee Addicts


I have been a coffee addict for years. I know studies show a lot of caffeine isn’t good for you. It dehydrates you and in the long run makes you crash. Well, they are right but truth is, I love the taste so I can’t stop drinking it.

More recently I have had to cut back on my caffeine intake because it would increase my anxiety and make my heart race. Sometimes it even makes me nauseous. I am not sure if it is the acid or the milk/creamer that does this. I don’t put sugar in my coffee but I do like it “cardboard color” or lighter as my friend refers to it. I tried almond milk, soy milk etc, but it just ruined the flavor to me. Since too much caffenine doesn’t always agree with my body I have cut down dramatically on my intake. When I do have it I drink half decaf.  I am down to 1 cup a day usually in the morning and some days I don’t have any.

I do enjoy tea and I drink a lot of mint tea because it is caffeine free but I don’t crave it first thing in the morning. With that being said, I have turned to warm water with lemon. I remember trying it a long time ago and I did not care for the bitterness of the lemon. When I tried it again more recently, I realized how sweet it actually made the water if the lemon is nice and ripe.

Tricks for Lemon Water:

I like to buy organic lemons. Sometimes I will microwave them for a few seconds and roll them on the counter to get the juices flowing. You can also add a drop or two of honey to make it sweeter. I would also recommend adding fresh mint leaves or fresh ginger for flavor.


Just A Handful of The Benefits:

  • Hydration
  • The Lemon (and Mint or Ginger) Helps with Digestion
  • Increase in Energy
  • No Caffeine Crash
  • Reduce Depression/Anxiety
  • Relieve Heartburn
  • Loose Weight
  • Lemons Contains Vitamin C
  • Immune System Boost
  • Regulate Bowel Movement
  • Healthier Skin
  • Cleanse
  • Increase in Metabolism 
  • Much easier on the wallet 

For all of my caffeine addicts out there, give it a try! Follow me on insta and let me know your thoughts!


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