Top 10 IKEA Must Haves Under $5

I do not frequent IKEA as much as I did when I lived in the city which is definitely a good thing for my wallet. Back in my college days, however, I would go on the weekends with friends to walk around and fantasize over all of the beautiful things I wanted to purchase and decorate my home with.

I would also go to enjoy their yummy Sweedish meatballs or chicken fingers. ;p  Let’s be honest, this food was delicious when on a college budget!

Nowadays, I always accept an offer for a trip to IKEA when a friend needs help with design ideas, or if I need to purchase items for a project I am working on. I don’t  always need furniture when I go, sometimes I don’t need anything but there are a few must-haves that I usually purchase.

IKEA Must Haves

ZISTAD Plastic Bag ($2.49/50 pack) – they are very reasonably priced for the quality. I love the different sizes and colors, especially the large ones (purple) which are thick and sturdy. I don’t only use them in the kitchen but for storing craft, party supplies and holiday decor.

SOMMAR Drinking Straw ($1.49/100 pack)Their straws are so colorful, sturdy and come in packs of 100. They even have a large enough opening for smoothies.

STAM Potato Peeler ($.99ea) That’s right! Their $.99 potato peelers work great! I have had mine for years and they are sharp and even work better than expensive ones I have purchased

SOCKER Plant Pot ($.99ea) – I love these and I use them for pretty much everything but plants. At the moment all of mine are spray painted gold from a party I used them for to hold candy and decorations. They are great for crayons, markers, to fill with candy for dessert tables or for plants! You can see them in my party post HERE.

RIBBA Picture Frames ($2.99) – 5×7″ I love these frames. I use them to hang on my wall. I actually use the two sided foam tape to stick it to the wall, it makes it easier than a nail since they don’t have hooks. I have also used them for signs on dessert tables and for personalized gifts.. I own the silver and white ones. They are great to have lying around I have gotten so much use out of mine.

VERDURE Cup & Saucer ($4.99/set) – There is just something fancy about having a cup and saucer. Sometimes I will go to a coffee shop and they will serve me my mint tea or latte with a cup and saucer and it just seems to taste better. I don’t care what people say, things do taste better in prettier things. 🙂 I also love that their white dishes are bright white and not that off white that throws yellow.

SINNLIG Large Tea Lite Candles ($4.99/12 pack) – I do not buy their pillar candles. Everytime I used to they would drip wax everywhere. The large tea lite candles on the other hand, I love! They have amazing scented ones but I like to keep the unscented on hand especially when I plan on burning them around food. They burn much longer than the regular tea lights you can buy almost anywhere.

IDEAL Candle Dish ($3.99) – This is a stoneware tray located in the candle section of the store. Sometimes I use them for my pillar candles but I mainly use the smaller tray as a coaster for my coffee, hot tea or ice cold water. The large tray I use for my curling iron and straighter… GENIUS, right? It can get hot and I don’t have to worry about anything melting and the dish will protect the underlying surface.

BEKVAM Spice Rack ($3.99)– I used this in my last apartment to hold my spices and I also hung one right behind my sink faucet on the backsplash. I kept my Williams Sonoma Grapefruit Dish Soap, Hand Lotion and sponge in it. It looked neat and clean and was practical for the way my kitchen was set up. I am also starting to see them in a lot of children’s rooms to store books. You can paint these as well, love the versatility!

$1 Frozen Yogurt Cone! What is better than leaving a long shopping excursion and treating yourself to frozen yogurt that only costs $1! It’s such a great way to end a day trip or even a quick errand, sometimes you have to treat yourself :p

I would love to hear what your IKEA favorites are! Comment below or tag me on instagram.


*All thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

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