Emily’s 30th Birthday Celebration

Em's 30th Collage

It is the year of the 30th for my friends and myself. The first party of the year was for my dear friend Emily. I decided as my gift to her I would be in charge of all of the desserts and decor. Naturally, it was what I enjoyed doing and I wanted to throw her a party to remember!

When entering the house it led you right into the dining room which was designated for her gifts. I also made a memory jar for everyone to partake in. I asked each guest to fill out a heart shaped card of a memory they had with Emily. She really enjoyed reading all of the memories the next day.

30th Dessert Table

It was not a surprise party but she had no idea I was doing the decorations so she was super excited when she showed up to her bother and sister-in laws and it was all decked out.

30 Birthday Inspiration

This was my Party Inspiration for Emily’s 30th Birthday Party. I wanted to make it fun, girly and not too alcohol related since it was going to be a large gathering for all family friends and kiddos. Once I decided on the color scheme of white, gold, light pink and mint green it was much easier for me to plan from there.

Pink Cake Shots

I had made amazing pudding shots in the past and wanted to remake them for her party. Emily loves Jello shots so those were a must plus I wanted these additional treats. I didn’t use pudding this time. I just made birthday cake shots and dyed them pink. I coated the cups with pink frosting and dipped them in nonpareils. They looked so fun and were super easy to make. Although I dropped the first batch on the ground by accident when I was shaking it up. The final batch came out a bit strong. Whoopsies!

I used 1 part Baileys and 1 part Cake vodka. I made the mix the day before in a mason jar and added the pink food dye and chilled it in the fridge overnight. I may try adding some milk or cream to it next time to cut down on the liquor flavor. When I got to the party early to set up I rimmed the cups by dipping them in pink frosting and nonpareils. I displayed the empty cups on the acrylic dessert tower until it was time to sing happy birthday. I didn’t want the liquor to get warm so I waited until the last minute to pour it. I would definitely make them again and add more Baileys than vodka and some milk to taste. 🙂

Cake Alternative

I had not made Rice Krispies in years and I purchased the fruity pebbles because I wanted it to be colorful. If I had to do it again I would use the plain cereal because the fruity pebbles were too sweet for me personally. I am also not a huge sweets person even though I love making them. Next time I would probably dye the plain cereal pink instead.

I made the decorative flags with leftover scrapbook paper from the banner I had made. I found the paper on sale  A.C. Moore which is also what I used to make the banner. I used Wilton 6inch lollipop sticks and hot glued the paper onto it. They cost close to nothing because I already had the sticks and the paper was buy one get one free at $1.99 a sheet. I usually have these lollipop sticks laying around. They are great to use for lots of things. I had made drink stirrers out of the 8inch ones for my Bloody Mary Bar. You can see those HERE.

Rice Krispie Balls

To go along with the Rice Krispie Treat Tower I also made these fun nonpareil Rice Krispie Balls. The towers of treats and the confetti balls took about an hour in total to make everything. It was super easy and yummy!

A family member made the chocolate chip cookies and Emily’s mom and I made the saltine cracker toffee. AKA crack! This stuff is easy and delicious!

30 Birthday Display

I purchased the balloons at Party City prior to the party and went back with my receipt on the day of the party and they filled them up for free. I originally purchased a few of the extra large circle balloons I wanted to use but they are $6.99 per balloon to fill with helium! YIKES!! I did not want to spend that. If anyone has any suggestions on other ways to purchase and fill those large balloons please let me know in the comments below! I LOVE the look of them but can not justify spending that much on a balloon.

The table cloth was a great investment. I have two 6 ft fold up tables I purchased at Sam’s Club for holidays and parties and these table clothes look great and they are floor length. I found them HERE. They have a ton of colors too! Make sure you get the 90 x 132 inch if you want it to hit the ground. I was able to hide my empty storage boxes under the table to make it an easy set up and convenient way to pack up post party. I really don’t care for the $1 store plastic ones. I can wash/bleach and reuse these polyester ones. Bonus!

I also made the chocolate covered pretzels. The step by step tutorial is in my other blog post HERE. I used light pink and light green Make N’ Mold Chocolate Melts from A.C. Moore to go with the theme. I also found these amazing gold sprinkles to coat them with. The pretzel jar I have had for years. I love it because it is air tight and keeps the pretzels fresh.

Watermarked Photo 72 (2016-02-16-1402)

Wooden 30 Numbers I got HERE. I spray painted them gold with THIS paint. It’s my favorite new gold paint. I also used it for the buckets of candy which said 30 Blows and 30 Sucks. I had green tin flower pots from IKEA. I turned them gold as well.


Acrylic cake tower was from HERE. I absolutely LOVED it so naturally, I knew I had to order another one. The best part is, they do not break when transporting because they are acrylic, (extra light) and disassemble. You insert each tube into the center of each tray and boom. It is assembled in less than a minute. Easy to store and clean!

Chevron Napkins were from HERE which I also found on sale. I also purchased the polka dot ones for a later date. 

Mercury Glass Votive Holders were from HERE. The ones I used are silver but they also sell them in rose gold. 

Initial E.O. glitter wooden letters were from HERE

The white and gold tassel banner is form HERE The brand is David Tuterra. It was fairly easy to assemble.

White & Gold Tassel Banner

Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

I found this print as well as the one that says “Drink Champagne And Dance on the Table” HERE. The frames are from HERE.

Happy Birthday Banner

I made this entire banner by hand, even cut out the individual letter. Blood, sweat and tears went into this sucker. Just kidding, no blood or tears. It did take a while but I knew it would be well worth it and I can keep and reuse it for years to come. I purchased the scrapbook paper on sale HERE as stated above in the details for the Rice Krispie Cake. All of the other items used were purchased HERE. I will do another post on this tutorial.

There definitely was not a shortage of sugar and candy. Another girlfriend made a ton of Jello shots as per the Birthday girls request and her sister in-law helped me stock up on bubble gum and blow pops to make centerpieces.

I tried to keep this budget friendly. I did purchase a decent amount of items and kept in mind to buy things I can reuse, are easy to store and will last.

More posts to come on details of some of the treats I made and step by step tutorials.

Happy Birthday Emily!




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