Vintage Finds in Leesburg, VA

As I have been watching the recent season of HGTV’s Fixer Upper (I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Chip and Joanna) I have been even more inspired to take a weekend road trip to the country and get some vintage and DIY inspiration. Also, a few new photos of the countryside to add to my iCloud always makes me happy 🙂

I was on Instagram last week and checking out some of my favorite followers and noticed they were holding their annual SUPER SALE at Sweet Clover Barn and just had to go being it is only 3 hours away.

With that being said…  last weekend my girlfriend and I went to Frederick, MD to Sweet Clover Barn and Chartreuse & Co. and then headed a little further south to one of my favorite cities Leesburg, VA to discover new sights, restaurants, wineries and visit the famous Old Lucketts Store which I had been to about 8 years ago and have been dying to revisit ever since. They have an amazing design house which is an old historic home staged to the T with gorgeous vintage, repurposed and antique furniture and accessories. Unfortunately it was not open when I went, but it will be Feb 5-6-7. Here are the save the dates for 2016 incase you are interested.

We stayed overnight at the newly renovated Lansdowne Resort which I would HIGHLY recommend for any time of the year. They have many on site amenities, events and it is located right near old historic downtown Leesburg and many other attractions. We ate dinner at Tuscarora Mill which we found from searching open table and let me tell you, the atmosphere, drinks, food and service was to die for! All in all it was a wonderful getaway which felt longer than two days since we packed so much in. I would recommend following my favorite vintage stores above on social media and also catch the appearance of Chartreuse & Co. on HGTV on Monday January 25th at 10pm est. I can’t wait to share my next adventure with you! Now off to finishing my current DIY project. Stay tuned!

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