Baked Apples

I love These easy  baked apples! You can fill them with almost anything and even make them in the microwave if you wish! My grandmother taught me to make them with butter, brown sugar, honey, and cinnamon. This time I tried them with wet walnuts, and they were delish!
You can use baking apples, or whatever you fancy. Here I used red delicious.
Wash the apples throughly and with a pairing knife, cut out the core. Then take a spoon and scrape about half way out or until the seeds are discarded. You can also cut the bottom so it sits flat on your pan, but if you use a muffin pan, this will not be necessary.
Place the apples in a muffin pan and fill to the top with your favorite ingredients. Pop them into the microwave or bake them at 350 for about a half an hour. Serve with a side of ice cream or whipped topping. Enjoy!

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