Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

It begins, the process of these lovely ice cream cone cupcakes! It looks overwhelming at first but its not much harder than making box cupcakes. You could go the longer route and make everything from scratch (which I have done before), but when you are making it for children they don’t know the difference so save yourself some time and hassle! I don’t know about you, but I have seen too many traditional cupcakes and cake pops in the past few years at events that I wanted to do something new! My mom used to make these when I was a kid and bring them into school on our birthday. You can get so creative with these just like any cupcake. May favorite part, is definitely the decorating! I am still perfecting the recipe, but this time I was going with a pink and purple theme for my friends daughters 2nd birthday!
Start by laying out the cones in a muffin tin, and line it with foil to keep them in place. I have used a regular baking sheet and which is extremely hard to balance them in and out of the oven, so I wouldn’t recommend it.
Mix the cake batter according to the box recipe or your own homemade batter, it doesn’t matter what kind of cake, or even brownie you want to fill it with, because the secret is in the topper!
I made two batches, and dyed each batch a separate color. My favorite food dye is by Wilton, the craft stores sell it and it lasts for years so I would recommend buying it even if you don’t bake that often. It is very strong so you only need a pea drop, and it gives you the most vibrant color. However, I was out of it and had to use the cheaper version from the food store, so the color wasn’t as bright as I had liked.
Fill the batter ONLY Half way! This was the mistake I made on the first batch, you need a lot less batter than you do making cupcakes in a tin. In the end you will need more room on the top to decorate and when the batter is raised too much, it doesn’t give it the “ice cream cone” effect that you want.
As the cones are baking, I whip up the pudding for the topper. The best part is it is ready in only 5 minutes! I tried the Hersey white chocolate pudding this time, but I usually use the Vanilla flavored by Jello. You may choose whatever flavor and brand you like! That’s the beauty of it, make a mess and experiment!
So not only did I make the pudding “icing” while the cakes were cooking, but I wanted to make fun little candy for the top. So again I used my favorite Wilton products, and made small pink mints from a mold. I used Hershey white baking chocolate but I prefer Wilton chocolate melts because they do melt better and are pre-colored.
Hershey melts better over a double boiler, where as the candy melts are perfect for melting in 30 second intervals in the microwave.
After coloring the chocolate, I filled up my amazing piping device and filled the candy mold. You could spoon it in, but its much easier this way.
Stick them in the freezer for about 10 minutes, and Voila!
I also used my piping tubes for the pudding icing. I usually keep the pudding in the fridge until right before I leave so it stays nice and firm and doesn’t melt all over the place!
The transportation is the hardest part! I cut holes in the bottom of a shoe box this time and drove very carefully, luckily the party was down the street. Next time I am going to order these baking and traveling trays to make my life easier!
The finished product for Izzy’s 2nd Birthday! And the kids LOVED them!! Enjoy!
I would love to hear your feedback and see photos of your ice cream cones! Please share by email so I can post!

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