Pretty in Pastels

A few years ago I was working at a small local flower shop called Primrose. Not only did I arrange flowers and make events look beautiful for a bride’s special day, but I also worked in the storefront. There were so many old finds in such a tiny, yet charming store. I enjoyed taking trips to Virginia to the shops and flea markets down there. Old Lucketts Store is my favorite, and I have been dying to go back! After trucking all of the amazing deals back home, the fun part began! Although sometimes time consuming, I got to be creative and refinish the pieces, like the ones above. I have refinished many pieces of furniture since. I usually find my purchases from yard sales throughout the spring and summer. Although yard sale season is over, I have items collected to work on throughout the year. It is a fun and therapeutic craft to do in my spare time.
 In these pieces I sanded them down, chose a fun pastel color to paint them, and used wallpaper and fabric to accent the pieces. If you want to make it look more rustic you can sand down the edges after painting. I also recommend changing the knobs to glass ones, or if the original hardware has character, spray paint it silver or gold. My favorite brand of paint is from Lowe’s called Valspar Ultra (semi-gloss)  and it is a paint/primer in one. The small cans can go a long way! I would love to see some of your DIY pieces, so please share with me!

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