Thumbtack Pumpkins

This weekend I took a drive around some local areas of Pennsylvania. I love to see the leaves changing color. I could drive around the suburbs for hours looking at the scenery and homes decorated for fall. Oak trees in particular catch my eye due to their beautiful coloring. I love the changing of seasons on the east coast 🙂

Since I was in the mood for fall, of course when I got home I was inspired to do a fall craft of my own. A quick and easy way to decorate pumpkins, no paint or carving involved. I especially love that if you use plastic pumpkins you can recycle them every year. If you are looking to use fake ones, Michaels and AC Moore sell them and you can usually find a great sale or use a coupon and save a few dollars. I store mine in a large trash bag throughout the year and when fall comes, scatter them around my home both inside and out. I had a hard time searching for the tacks this year, after scouring staples and target I finally found them at the hardware store. I mixed both gold tacks and furniture nails. You can make any kind of design you want. Get creative!

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