As I was walking through the Philadelphia design center sourcing wallpaper for one of my clients, this hot pink ombre wallpaper by Designers Guild caught my eye. I instantly fell in love with it and took a swatch home with me for inspiration. I love the look of ombre painted walls, but that takes a lot of time and you never know what color you will get in the end. Now only do I love wallpaper but this is so much easier than painting. I wasn’t really in love with the whole ombre trend when it started I have to be honest, but now it has really begun to inspire me  in many ways. I never noticed how many things were already ombre in my daily life. This wallpaper would be perfect as an accent wall, in a closet, or perhaps in a girls room to add some pizzaz after growing out of baby pink.

I have made rainbow cupcakes before, which I will post at a later date, but I need to try ombre next! They are prefect for birthdays and valentines day, and quite frankly, very easy to make! You just need a few more bowls for mixing colors, and some food dye and you will be good to go!

I have a weakness for table settings, and this one is so girly, yet fresh, and classy. It would be prefect for a summer wedding or bridal shower.  I may even try these different shades of beverages at my next dinner party, it is so effortless and pretty.

As you can tell by my gold silverware, I love kitchens and all things related. I need to try making these with all of the odds and ends I have collected throughout the years.

With fall being here and Halloween next week, ombre pumpkins are a perfect way to decorate if you are looking for a centerpiece or gift. Happy Fall!

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